Cornell University: College of Architecture, Art, & Planning

Cornell AAP’s new website is set against a dynamic video backdrop featuring shots of their Ivy-clad buildings, educational spaces, and the tactile learning experience they provide.

Wells College

To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Wells College worked with us to create this powerful mission & identity piece to tell their story, featuring in-depth messaging about what makes them unique, and cinematic footage including aerials of their beautiful campus.

IMR Test Labs

To help IMR’s customers understand the scope of their services, our team became fully immersed in the field of materials testing. Here, we highlight their industry-specific services using eye-catching graphics, professional voiceover, and detailed close-ups of their processes.

Bassett Medical Center

Picturesque footage of upstate New York and compelling interviews with healthcare professionals help Bassett Medical Center with recruitment by showcasing the quality of life that working at their hospital provides.

BCA Architects & Engineers

Our client was in a competitive, nationwide bid to build a school for a brand new district, and needed a video to help them land the project. Employing a long-form presentation style in front of our green screen, and incorporating their architectural drawings with engaging motion graphic elements, we are proud to say that we helped them secure the contract.

Ithaca College Summer Music Academy 2019: “This Is Me”

The annual music video for ICSMA is always a fun challenge for our team. With just 2 weeks from the first rehearsal to the premiere of the video, it requires producing & directing over 100 students, coordinating filming in multiple locations, and the creative vision to come up with something new & exciting each year. This is our 7th ICSMA music video.